The History & Ministry of Untitled Skateboards

In 2004 God put it on our hearts to step out in faith and start a new skateboard ministry/company. We wanted to be more than just another board company or Christian entertainment. We wanted to make an impact on the skateboarding culture. However, we had to come up with a name.

​After a lot of prayer and suggestions, God gave us a name. Jud Heald (Pro Skater/ Director of Untitled) was reading from John 3:30 which says, “I must decrease, that He may increase.” As he was reading Dave Nelson (Graphic design Artist) called him on the phone with an idea. “What do you think of ‘Untitled’?” he asked. Needless to say there was no more searching after that!

​We desire that God would receive all the glory. So many people are consumed with titles, we however want to use what we have to further the kingdom. Our focus is on Christ and His cross. Dave also came up with our catch phrase, “Everything we are, and everything we have holds no titles.” We are not a religion. Religions are only concerned with systems, ideals, and philosophies. We simply believe in having a relationship with our Lord Jesus Christ. And we strive to glorify Him alone.

Untitled Skateboards is a professional skateboard company, but its also a 501(c)3. We do sell skateboards, however, that is not our focus.

 The fact that we are a professional skateboard company allows us to be involved in the skate industry so that we can spread the Gospel through our skateboarding. We run consistent advertisements in skate magazines with scripture printed on skate photos. Through that we are able to spread the word to people who would never step foot in a church. Our real hearts desire is to do ministry, and one of the many ways we do that is by going all over the world doing skateboard demos, finishing with the gospel and inviting youth to accept Christ as their Lord.

We also minister through social media and a variety of other outlets.. We are showing this culture that you can live for Christ in a very real and relevant way. We have performed hundreds of demos in the U.S. and abroad and we have had the privilege to see countless amounts of youths and adults make decisions to accept Christ! Seeing people come to Christ is what makes what we do worth doing!

The skate culture is very dark and it is dragging kids down! We are running after them with every resource we have. Constantly figuring out new ways to minister to them right where they’re at. Its not about us, its all about Him.

John 3:30 say it all:

 “He must become greater, I must become less”

 We are not religious, we are followers of Jesus Christ.