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Core Faith 60 Day Devotional (*5 Book Bundle)

Core Faith 60 Day Devotional (*5 Book Bundle)

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The 60 Day Devotional that was written by Jud Heald. 

What does it mean to have core faith?

Well, let’s just reverse that that and put it like this, faith at your core!

Whether you are new to faith in Jesus, or you are well established in your walk with the Lord, His word will always lead us closer to him.

Jud Heald wrote this book from the devos he has been writing and sending out over the last 3-4 years each week as text messages to encourage people all over the world.

 Pick up a 5 Pack of these books to share, giveaway and help you and others around you to grow in your faith and find truths that are found in Gods word. 

Support the ministry of Untitled Skateboards / Ministry. 

Thank You!!! (*ps this Devo is not skate specific, it is written for anyone who wants to just Grow in there faith )

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